Top Things to Do in St. Louis When the Temperatures Get Low

Published on 12 January 2018

Here is a list of fun things to do around St. Louis when you feel the chill of the season begin to wear on your bones and spirit.

  1. Hot Chocolate – Cold weather is the best time to warm up with some of the best hot chocolate in town. Some area hot chocolate hotspots are Bissingers, Comet Coffee, Kaldi’s, Kayak’s Café, Bailey’s Chocolate Bar and Kakao Chocolate.
  2. Campfires – Settle in with some friends for a nice warm drink around a fire. Northwest Coffee Roasting Company or Scarlett’s right next door have warm outdoor options for patrons.
  3. Museums – Stay inside and enjoy the company of some renowned art at the St. Louis Art Museum or take in some history at the St. Louis History Museum. Both are located in neighboring Forest Park and are free!
  4. Bald Eagle Migration – Missouri has one of the best viewing spots to watch the bald eagle migration from the north to Alton just along the river. This is an extraordinary moment in nature to witness.
  5. Sledding on Art Hill – It is always a treat when it snows in St. Louis, and Forest Park has one of the best hills for sledding. Just make sure to bail your sled before you get to the Grand Basin.
  6. The Loop Ice Carnival – This weekend, Jan. 12-14, the Loop becomes a street-wide carnival, beginning with the annual Snowball at the Moonrise Hotel. The Ice Carnival goes into full swing Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. with fun for the entire family including a Ferris wheel, ice slide and zip line. All this will take place while ice-carving demonstrations are held nearby.
  7. The Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Garden – The balmy Climatron will have you shedding your winter gear and marveling at some interesting plants that can’t be found around Missouri.
  8. The City Museum – You’ll forget about the chilly temperatures outside while you’re in the belly of a whale searching for your friends and trying to fit through the smallest paths possible.
  9. Polar Bear Plunges – ‘Tis the season to freeze for a reason! There are at least two “polar bear plunges” in St. Louis (one at Lake Saint Louis and the other in Maryland Heights). Both plunges benefit Special Olympics.
  10. Skating at Steinberg Rink – Just a triple-axel away from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy campus is the Steinberg Rink, where you can not only skate, but drink hot chocolate and warm up by the fire.
  11. The St. Louis Zoo – Bundle up and enjoy the zoo all to yourself, with plenty of opportunities to warm up inside at the herpetarium, birdhouse and garden, and primate house. And don’t forget to check out the exquisite penguin exhibit!

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