We are STLCOP Profile: Sheri Kuehnle

Published on 04 May 2015

Sheri Kuehnle exemplifies dedication. For 11 years, she has worked in the Business Office—first as a part-time worker in the cashier’s office before moving to her current position as payroll manager. She is responsible for payroll for faculty, staff, and student workers, which includes keeping track of benefits. 

“When I do my job, I try to make sure that I’m doing it in a way that’s fair to every person—so that everyone is paid correctly and their time-off requests match the deductions on their paychecks,” she says. “The College has monthly, semi-monthly, and weekly employees, so I have a lot of deadlines!”

No matter how busy she is, Kuehnle is always quick to respond whenever someone needs her.

“I try to be very helpful,” she says. “If someone tries to contact me, I make it a priority to get back to them as soon as possible.”

Her good work hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2008, she received the President’s Staff Excellence Award, which is presented to a staff member whose work consistently exceeds expectations or who has provided exceptional service to the College.

“I really like my job,” Kuehnle says with a smile. “I plan on staying here for awhile.”

In addition to being a dedicated employee, Kuehnle is a dedicated mom. She and her husband, Mark, have three teenage sons who keep them busy.

An avid traveler before having children, Kuehnle hopes to add some more stamps to her passport in the future.

“I’ve been to Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, and France,” she says. “And my husband and I got married in Jamaica. I hope to pick up my world travels again someday.”

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