First Day of Class in New Academic and Research Building

Published on 17 August 2015

History was made at 9 a.m. this morning as classes met for the first time in the new Academic and Research Building on the campus of St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Both of the 250-seat classrooms were filled. On the first floor, students were in Chemistry 4100 Pharmacodynamics and Drug Action. On the second floor it was Chemistry 111 Chemical Structure and Physical Properties. By noon, nearly a dozen classes were complete.

Anticipation for this morning has been building for several years.

“My initial thought seeing the renderings was it was going to be dark,” says P2 student Cole Greenwald. “That’s not the case at all. It’s really big and bright.”

In years past, students would move quickly to their classes and then try and find some open study space in between lectures. Not so today as many spent time wandering the halls marveling at the new spaces and figuring out the building’s room numbering system.

Abundance appeared to be on many student’s minds as they talked both about the available space, and the ease of finding an outlet to charge their computers. Hundreds of plug-ins are strategically positioned underneath chairs, in table tops, and along the walls.

“The study areas are great, especially on the third floor,” says P1 student Amanda Lewis. That floor’s student lounge offers a 270 degree view of the Central West End, construction on the new IKEA, and the Gateway Arch.

The building covers 213,000-square-feet. That’s enough floor space for nearly four football fields. The library has tripled in size and offers around-the-clock study areas in multiple configurations.

“The study rooms on the second floor in the library are my favorite,” says P2 student R.J. Shaw. “I like studying in groups and it’s great we can hook up our computers to the TV screens. It’s great there are white boards everywhere.”

On this late summer day, another feature of the building was highlighted.

“There’s lots of windows, and I’m surprised at how high the ceilings are,” says P2 student Lindsay Hall.

Students looking out of the building’s north side could see the next phase of the College’s master plan in action. Construction on a second building, nearly identical in size, is underway and will be complete in just over a year. 

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