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Women's Giving Initiative Members

The Women’s Giving Initiative members listed below made a contribution of $1,000 or more in 2020. For information on joining this group of supporters, contact Beth Keserauskis at 314.446.8207 or beth.keserauskis@uhsp.edu

Donors who wish to remain anonymous are not included in this list.

Tricia Berry, B.S. ’94, Pharm.D. ’95
Margaret Besing, B.S. ’86
Amber Compton, B.S. ’89
Amy Dewein, B.S. ’89
Alexsis Diveney, Pharm.D. '13
Misty Farr, Pharm.D. ’10
Brigid Farrar, Pharm.D. ’14
Amy Gill, B.S. ’01
Katherine Graue, B.S. ’99
Elaine Haynes, B.S. ’86
Catherine Linsin, B.S. ’95, Pharm.D. ’96
Alfreda Pulley, B.S. ’87
Tina Purcell, Pharm.D. '06
Martha Schlicher
Jill Sellers, B.S. ’92, Pharm.D. ’93
Debra Tesoro, B.S. ’85
Jane Tracy, B.S. ’85
Janene Verrant, B.S. '98, Pharm.D. '99
Laura Wolverton, B.S. ’85
Sara Worley, B.S. ’85

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