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Student Laptop Program

At University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis, all students are required to purchase a laptop computer through the Student Laptop Program. The University’s academic program is designed to incorporate technology to support collaborative learning, and standardized laptops ensure that every student is equipped with the hardware, software, connectivity and security measures required to seamlessly connect on campus.

Through a partnership with Lenovo, the University offers laptops at below-market prices that are designed to meet our students’ needs. Once purchased, the laptop is yours. It will remain under warranty for three years, and you may keep it or replace it whenever you wish. Students who choose to repurchase laptops must do so through the University online store.

Laptops and notebooks from other vendors will not be supported by the Technical Support Center or given access to the University’s secure computing network.

Log in to the online store to place your order.

For the start of the fall semester, laptop orders must be placed by June 27 to avoid any potential delays in receiving your computer.

Payment and Financial Aid

The purchase of your laptop is financial aid-eligible, and you have the option of paying by cash or credit card at the time of purchase, or you may add the expense to your student account (which may be paid by cash, check or credit card).

Any student who has concerns about their ability to pay for their laptop purchase should contact the Office of Financial Aid at 314.446.8167 or financialaid@uhsp.edu.

Maintenance and Support

For maintenance and support on Lenovo laptops, the Technical Support Center (TSC) will continue to be a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

As long as your laptop is under warranty, nearly all repairs will be provided to you at no cost. After your three-year warranty expires, there may be a cost for some hardware repairs, but the (TSC) will continue to provide free technical and software support to all students.

Contact the TSC by email at technicalsupport@uhsp.edu.

Laptop Supplier Selection

Working with our committee of students, faculty and staff, we completed an extensive evaluation and selection process to create an exclusive contract arrangement with a laptop provider, Lenovo, who can give you top-of-the-line quality at below market costs.

We also worked with Lenovo to provide you:

  • A secure, customized online portal for easy ordering
  • A three-year extended warranty
  • Multiple feature options at various price points

The Office of Information Technology regularly solicits feedback from students to ensure that our programs and services meet the needs of campus.

For questions, contact Zach Lewis, assistant vice president of information technology, with questions and feedback at 314.446.8402 or zachary.lewis@uhsp.edu.

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