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Richard McCall

Professor, Physics
Basic Sciences


PhD, The Ohio State University, Physics, 1984

BS, University of Louisiana Monroe, Physics, 1977


Physics education

Physics of the human body

Introductory physics for the life sciences

Optical properties of organic semiconductors

Optical properties of conducting polymers

Vita Highlights

Author of “Physics of the Human Body” published by JHU Press

Selected publications:

Study of the Quadrupolar-Glass Region in Solid H2 and D2 via Proton Magnetic Resonance, W.T. Cochran, J.R. Gaines, R.P. McCall, P.E. Sokol, and Bruce R. Patton, Physical Review Letters 45, 1576-1580 (1980).

Source of a Problem with Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, D.B. Tanner and R.P. McCall, Applied Optics 23, 2363-2368 (1984).

Optical Properties of the (1:2) Compound Dimethylferrocenium Tetra-cyano-quino­dimethanide: (Me2Fc)(TCNQ)2, R.P. McCall, D.B. Tanner, J.S. Miller, and A.J. Epstein, Physical Review B 35, 9209-9217 (1987).

Infrared Properties of the High Tc Superconductor T12Ba2CaCu2O8, H.J. Ye, R.P. McCall, J.M. Long, C.G. Li, Y.L. Zhang, N. Cao, J.G. Zheng, S.S. Tie, Journal of Materials Research 5, 1616-1619 (1990).

Spectroscopy and Photoinduced Spectroscopies of Polyaniline: A Model System for New Phenomena, A.J. Epstein, R.P. McCall, J.M. Ginger, and A.G. MacDiarmid, Advances in Spectroscopy, Vol. 19: Spectroscopy of Advanced Materials, ed. by R.J.H. Clark, and R.E. Hester, pp. 355-396 (Wiley, New York 1991).

Erasable Optical Information Storage in the Polyanilines, R.P. McCall, J.M. Ginger, and A.J. Epstein, Optical Memory and Neural Networks 1, 113-118 (1992).

Anisotropic Optical Properties of an Oriented-Emeraldine-Base Polymer and an Emeraldine-Hydrochloride-Salt Polymer, R.P. McCall, E.M. Scherk, A.G. MacDiarmid, and A.J. Epstein, Physical Review B 50, 5094-5100 (1994).

Physics and Pharmacy: More than “Ph”, R.P. McCall, The Physics Teacher 36, 408-409 (1998).

The Pre-Pharmacy Major: A Survey of Physics Requirements, R.P. McCall, American Journal of Physics 69, 991-995 (2001).

Variations on the Frictionless Inclined Plane Problem, R.P. McCall, The Physics Teacher 42, 212-214 (2004).

Relevance of Physics to the Pharmacy Major, R.P. McCall, American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 71(4), Article 70 (2007).

Electric Potential and Electric Field, R.P. McCall, Extended Application for Chapter 4 of textbook Calculus with Applications, 9th ed., by Lial, Greenwell, and Ritchey (Pearson, Addison-Wesley, Boston, 2008), pp. 300-302.

More on Systematic Error in a Boyle’s Law Experiment, R.P. McCall, The Physics Teacher 50, 22-23 (2012).

Pressure Beneath the Surface of a Fluid: Measuring the Correct Depth, R.P. McCall, The Physics Teacher 51, 288-289 (2013).


I love choral music and direct a choir at my church. I have 50 acres of land about an hour from St. Louis where I enjoy hiking and clearing brush.

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