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Jean Escudero

Associate Professor, Microbiology
Basic Sciences


Ph.D. in Microbiology from the Ohio State University, 1991

B.S. in Biology from St. Mary's College, 1985


Microbiology and Immunology

Current Research

My doctoral work focused on the characterization of exotoxin A from Pseudomonas aeruginosa and I have continued to work on secreted bacterial proteins. Several of my recent publications report our work on two cellulases and a polygalacturonase, and their potential for degrading citrus waste for the conversion of biofuels. However, my main research at UHSP focuses on Staphylococcus aureus and several of its virulence factors; namely, nuclease 1 and 2 and antibiotic resistance mechanisms in S. aureus and other Staphylococcus species, as well as Enterococcus species.

Methicillin resistant S. aureus (MRSA) is very central to my research. We have isolated and characterized many strains of MRSA and beta-lactam sensitive strains from humans, pharmacies, and animals. Many but not all of the isolated strains produce nuclease 1 and 2. We are looking at the role that these enzymes may play in species variation including the acquisition of DNA encoding antibiotic resistance or other virulence factor genes, and the role the enzymes may play in biofilm formation, which makes bacteria very resistant to treatment. My “Microbiology Staph” is made up of undergraduate and professional students including P4 rotation students.

Current Courses, Activities, and Scholarly Interest



Public Health Microbiology

Vita Highlights

Refereed Journal Articles:

Gomes, G. Rios, C.M., Burns, E. Dinn, J. & Escudero, J.M., "Prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus species and comparison of two anatomical sampling sites in companion cats" in preparation Veterinary Microbiology.

Ibrahim*, E., Jones, K. D., Taylor, K. E., Hosseney, E. N., Mills, P. L. & Escudero, J. M. “Kinetics and thermodynamics of thermal inactivation for recombinant E. coli cellulases, cel12B, cel8C, and polygalacturonase, peh28; biocatalysts for biofuel precursor production” under review by Journal of Biochemistry (August, 2020) DOI: 10.1093/jb/mvaa097.

Ibrahim, E., Jones, K. D., Taylor, K. E., Hosseney, E. N., Mills, P. L. & Escudero*, J. M. (2018) "Recombinant E. coli cellulases, β-glucosidase and polygalacturonase convert a citrus processing waste into biofuel precursors" ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.7b04518

Ibrahim, E., Jones, K. D., Taylor, K. E., Hosseney, E. N., Mills, P. L. & Escudero*, J. M. (2017) “Molecular and biochemical characterization of recombinant cel12B, cel8C, and peh28 overexpressed in Escherichia coli and their potential in biofuel production” Biotechnol Biofuels (10) pp. 1-23

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Escudero, J.M., Haller, J.L., Clay, C.M., and Escudero*, K.W. (2010) “Microarray analysis of Foxl2 mediated gene regulation in the mouse ovary derived KK1 granulosa cell line: Over-expression of Foxl2 leads to activation of the gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor gene promoter”. Journal of Ovarian Research; 3(1):4

Medina-Ramírez, J. Liu, M. C. González-Díaz, J. M. Escudero* (2009) “Microstructure Characterization of Green Chemistry Derived TiO2-Ag Photocatalyst” ISBN: 978-607-95228-0-3. Book chapter

Lopez, J., Escudero, J., Clay, C., and Escudero, K. (2009) “Regulation of the Murine Endozepine Gene by the Forkhead Transcription Factor FoxL2”. Biology of Reproduction 78: 170.494

Givens, B.,

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