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Benjamin Jellen

Associate Professor, Bio Sciences
Basic Sciences


Ph.D. -- 2010 -- Biology -- St. Louis University

M.S. -- 2005 -- Natural Resources & Environmental Science -- Universtiy of Illinois

B.S. -- 1999 -- Biology -- University of Illinois


Natural history and conservation of amphibians and reptiles.

Current Research

I am focusing on several inter-related projects focusing on the reproductive ecology, endocrinology, spatial ecology, and conservation of snakes. I have current collaborations with the St. Louis Zoo, Missouri Department of Conservation, and the University of Missouri (St. Louis).

Research topics include:

  • Examining snake sex pheromones with the ultimate ojective to isolate, identify, and synthesize a pheromone to contol invasive species
  • Examining the rerproductive, spatial, and thermal ecology of copperheads to improve human-snake interactions and human perception of snakes via public education and awareness
  • Monitoring offspring movements with respect to their mom and locating their first hibernation site
  • Combating the lethal effects of Snake Fungal Disease in various species and examining the spread of Salmonella

If any of these projects interest you, I would be happy to disucss the possibility of undergraduate research in my lab.

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LIve music is good for the soul :)

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When I am not training my daughter in the ways of the Jedi, you can find me hiking, exercising, enjoying music, or homebrewing.

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