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Faculty and Staff Biography

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Amy Reese

Associate Professor, Microbiology
Basic Sciences


B.A. Chemistry, The College of Wooster (1993)
Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Minnesota (2000)
Post-doctoral training, Department of Molecular Microbiology, Washington University School of Medicine

Additional certification: NCCJ St. Louis Certified Diversity Facilitrainer (CDFT)


Medical mycology
Fungal biology & fungal pathogenesis
Social justice in science

Current Research

I am interested in disease-causing yeast that have a capsule, including Cryptococcus neoformans and Rhodotorula mucilaginosa. My research is focused on trying to understand how the capsule binds to the yeast cells and how these components are regulated. While researchers have studied the ecology, biology, pathogenesis, and impact on human immunology of Cryptococcus, little is known about Rhodotorula species. I am interested in increasing our knowledge of fungal biology and pathogenesis. I also have a research collaboration with the lab of Dr. Ben Jellen to try learn more about Ophdiomyces ophiodiicola, the mold that is causing snake fungal disease and decimating some snake populations. We would like to enhance culture conditions to be able to more easily study the fungus and better understand how it is transmitted.

Current Courses, Activities, and Scholarly Interest

I often sing in the Royal Chorale and have played in the band and in the pit orchestra.

Vita Highlights

Selected peer-reviewed publications

Reese, A. J. “An Undergraduate Elective Course That Introduces Topics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Discussion of Science” J. Microbiol. Biol. Educ. (April 2020) vol. 21 no. 1 doi:10.1128/jmbe.v21i1.1947

*Yockey, J., *Andres, L., *Carson, M., Ory, J., and Reese, A. J. “Cell envelope integrity and capsule characterization of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa strains from clinical and environmental sources” mSphere (May/June 2019) 4(3): e00166-19.

Reese, A. J., Yoneda, A., Breger, J.A., Beauvais, B., Griffith, C.L., Kim, M.-J., Liu, H., *Yang, S., *Skau, C.T., *Sefko, J.A., Osumi, M., Latge, J.-P., Mylonakis, E.E., and Doering, T.L.. “The role of alpha-1,3-glucan synthase in Cryptococcus neoformans capsule assembly.” Molecular Microbiology (2007) 63(5):1385-98.

Reese, A. J. and Doering, T. L. “Cell wall ?-1,3-glucan is required to anchor the Cryptococcus neoformans capsule.” Molecular Microbiology (2003) 50(4):1401-1409.

Bose, I, Reese, A. J., Ory, J. J., Janbon, G., and Doering, T. L. “A yeast under cover: the capsule of Cryptococcus neoformans.” Eukaryotic Cell (2003) 2(4):655-663.

· Indicates student author

Other works:

Reese, A. J. contributor to Norman-McKay, L. P. Microbiology: Basic and Clinical Principles 1st. edition, Pearson, 2019. Author of “Chapter 17: Skin and Eye Infections.”

Reese, A.J. “Addressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Science in an Undergraduate Course,” Spotlight (invited by ASM for contribution), June 5, 2020. Available at https://www.asm.org/Articles/2020/June/Addressing-Diversity,-Equity-and-Inclusion-in-Scie

Reese, A. J. “Science, Ethics, and Society- Bringing Discussions of Diversity and Inclusion into the Scientific Classroom.” The Communicator (Committee for the Status of Women in Microbiology, ASM) published by ASM Public Affairs Committee, Spring 2018.

Reese, A.J. and Ettinger, A.J. “Keeping WISE: a female undergraduate perspective on recruiting and retaining women in science and engineering.” The Communicator (Committee for the Status of Women in Microbiology, ASM) published by ASM Public Affairs Committee, Spring 2015.

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