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Self-Screening and Illness Reporting

The health and safety of our community is our highest priority. Keeping campus safe and healthy requires active participation from all members of the community. While immunization remains the best way to protect you and the community, there are some members who are not immunized for medical or religious reasons. Therefore, we ask members of the community to adhere to the following self-screening and illness reporting.

Students, faculty and staff should use the daily health screening to report symptoms and illness.

Unvaccinated community members and all guests are required to administer daily health and temperature screenings before arriving on campus or leaving their residence.

Health Screenings

Unvaccinated community members are required to complete daily self-administered health screenings before coming to campus or leaving the residence hall.

Learn more about health screenings.

Temperature Screenings

Temperature screening kiosks remain on campus, but are not required.  Self-administered temperature screening kiosks are near building entrances.  

Learn more about temperature screenings.

Illness Reporting and Excused Absences

Students, faculty and staff must report potential exposure or positive cases of COVID-19 or other illnesses using the UHSP Wellness Check form.

If you are ill or fail the health or temperature screening, please follow the excused absence policy of your school or department.

Learn more about illness reporting and excused absences.

Self-Quarantine Requirements

Self-quarantine helps limit the spread by keeping a person who may have been exposed or who has the virus separate from others until they are no longer contagious.

In self-quarantine, you are to stay in your home or residence hall room and limit all contact with others.

Learn more about self-quarantine requirements.

Additional Resources

The following resources from the CDC provide more information on COVID-19 symptoms and prevention:

For more information, visit cdc.gov/coronavirus.

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