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Protecting the health and safety of our campus community is our highest priority. We believe that vaccination is one critical tool in protecting our campus, but we also rely on other measures and expect that our faculty and staff be leaders to our students in that regard.

Vaccine Requirement

July 8, we announced a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all faculty, staff and students to protect and support the health and safety of the UHSP community. Faculty and staff were asked to submit vaccination records or request a medical or religious exemption through Paycom by August 16. Our goal is to have all faculty, staff or students with an approved exemption or vaccine record on file by September 15.  

We will work with you to help you complete this process and talk through challenges around meeting this deadline. We will also be working with members of the community on additional outreach, communication and vaccine clinics to aid in this process. Ultimately, faculty, staff or students who do not have an approved vaccination on file, or an approved medical or religious exemption, will be subject to limitations including access to University facilities and withdrawal from classes or separation from employment. 

We are requiring COVID vaccinations or exemptions to protect the health and safety of our UHSP community. Also, we are a member of the medical campus that includes BJC and Wash U who also require their employees and students to be fully vaccinated. Together, we have a responsibility to foster a healthier society and improve the health of the patients we serve as pharmacists, scientists and members of a health sciences-focused University. A fully vaccinated community also helps protect those who are unable to get the vaccine or are vulnerable because of poor immune response to vaccines due to underlying medical conditions.  

On-campus learning, research, and activities are a key part of us creating an environment where UHSP is the institution of choice for students, faculty and staff across a range of health care practices and fields. A campus where all students, faculty, and staff are fully vaccinated, or have approved medical or religious exemptions, prior to the start of the semester will allow us to return to full capacity in-person learning, athletics, activities, and events with minor or limited restrictions. All members of the campus community, including those with qualifying exemptions, will be expected to follow health and safety requirements as part of our mitigation plan. We thank you for your support in this effort and want to work with you to ensure 100% of our campus community is vaccinated or has an approved exemption on file. 


Daily Health Screening

Faculty and staff who are unvaccinated must complete a daily health screening prior to arriving on campus.

Complete the online health screening.

Unvaccinated employees should avoid congregating unmasked in breakrooms or other indoor dining areas on campus. 

Illness or Symptom Reporting

Faculty and staff are required to use the online health screening form if they or a member of their household tested positive for Covid-19 or have symptoms of a loss of taste or smell, fever, tempature greater than 100, congestion, cough or shortness of breath.  We will help evaluate your symptoms and coordinate quarantine as necessary

Learn more about illness reporting.


The Office of Human Resources has worked closely with employees in need of accommodations for employees in high-risk groups and those facing challenges in returning to work due to special circumstances or a lack of childcare. Please contact Human Resources directly at 314-446-8132 or hr@uhsp.edu to discuss accommodations.

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