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The Counseling Center provides a safe and supportive space to meet with a licensed counselor who can help you deal with feelings and problems that seem beyond your control.

Counseling is a process where you can talk to an objective listener who can help you identify strategies to cope with difficult situations and achieve your goals.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a collaborative effort between you and your counselor to foster growth in body, mind and spirit.

Your counselor will encourage reflection and self-direction in order to build upon your personal strengths and address problems and feelings.

Your sessions are completely confidential and your information is not shared with others without your written consent, except in specific legal circumstances. Sessions are separate from your academic record.

Support Groups and Classes

Support groups are an alternative or supplemental tool for counseling.

The power of being in a group can lead to feeling less isolated and the chance to learn from peer interaction. You may be hesitant to be part of a group, but most students find it to be a positive and satisfying experience.

Please discuss joining a support group with your counselor. New groups form each semester and topics may include disordered eating, perfectionism or anxiety.

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