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Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and staff can play a crucial role in identifying those who could benefit from counseling services.

Identifying Students in Distress

Students who exhibit a combination of the following symptoms or behaviors over a period may benefit from a counseling appointment:

  • Sudden deterioration in academic work, frequent absences or tardiness, inappropriate or disruptive classroom behavior, papers with themes of distress
  • Dependency: for example, the student makes excessive appointments to see you
  • Listless behavior, lack of energy, falling asleep in class
  • Attending class intoxicated or high
  • References to death or suicide or expressions of hopelessness
  • Physical changes, especially sudden weight loss or deteriorating personal hygiene
  • Withdrawal, isolation from others
  • Inability to make decisions despite your attempts to clarify and encourage
  • Excessive somatic complaints
  • High irritability, angry outbursts
  • Bizarre or strange behavior, such as unexplained crying, hearing voices, disorganized thinking, blatantly inappropriate comments or questions in class
  • Overreaction to criticism or mistakes
  • Visible signs of depression or anxiety

To submit a confidential referral to the Students of Concern Committee, visit uhsp.edu/safety.

Request a Presentation

The Counseling Center offers presentations to classes and student organizations on a variety of issues involving mental health and diversity issues.

To request a presentation, contact Susan Moore, director of counseling and wellness, 314.446.8338, susan.moore@uhsp.edu, at least two weeks before the desired presentation date.

Topics may include a brief overview about counseling services, stress management or handling grief and loss in health care practice.

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