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The Bachelor of Arts in Biopsychology program provides a strong foundation in biological and social sciences by exposing student to specialized courses in biology and psychology.Applied Behavioral Sciences Thumbnail

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About the Program

This program is designed to be flexible so students can pursue a variety of professional or graduate programs in medicine, psychology, nursing, and more or directly enter the workforce in fields like behavioral health, social work and counseling.

Student Outcomes

In our biopsychology program, you’ll build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed, including:

  • Demonstrate a solid foundation in biology and basic foundation in chemical principles
  • Utilize a solid and broad foundation in psychology and sociology
  • Think critically, analytically and practically about matters concerning the biological basis of psychology, social structure, mental health and manners of thought processing
  • Analyze and gather appropriate sources of information on matters of psychology, society and biology
  • Understand foundational biological lab techniques and experiments
  • Analyze and evaluate data obtained through experiment, observation and testing
  • Communicate findings, ideas and observations in an oral and verbal manner that is consistent with professional disciplines in social and biological sciences
  • Apply proper societal context to your findings, or the findings of others
  • Design experiments or methods for testing and gathering data to answer social and psychological questions


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