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undergraduate research scholars

The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program is designed to help spur students’ interest in innovation and research while pursuing their academic career. Students in this program will develop the habits, skills and attitudes required to be successful in finding new discoveries and applying them to other areas. 

A student holds a round-bottomed flask in a lab
A student gives a presentation to her peers in a research symposium

During the program, scholars will: 

  • Participate in mentor-led student research opportunities 
  • Apply the scientific method to study an area of interest 
  • Learn laboratory and other research skills 
  • Collect, analyze and interpret data 
  • Create a capstone project or presentation during their senior or P1 year 

apply to UHSP first

You may apply for a scholars program prior to receiving admission to the University but must be admitted before the interview date of Feb. 19, 2024, to be fully considered.

Apply to Be an Undergraduate Research Scholar

Complete the following steps to apply for the undergraduate research scholars program: 

Step 1

Complete the Research Scholars Application. Use your admission application login credentials to access the scholars application.

Step 2

Attach an Application Essay (500-700 words).

Step 3

Submit a Letter of Recommendation. Letters should be written by someone outside of your family who is familiar with your past service efforts, dedication to your community or potential as an agent of change within your community.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to conduct research through the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program. Although I am a student, I don’t feel like I am just a research assistant; I feel like I am a true participant in this project. We are working on things that haven’t been done before, and as someone who is early in my career, that is truly inspiring and motivating. It is so important for us to have access to opportunities to explore and challenge ourselves to find what we are truly passionate about and how we can make a difference in the world around us. We have the potential to make a difference, not just in St. Louis, but throughout the world.


For questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 314.446.8167 or