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UHSP Strategic Plan 2021-2023

Since we embarked on our strategic plan, STLCOP 20/20, in 2011, our institution has grown and evolved in countless ways. We have added academic programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, transformed our physical campus, grown our research capacity, and established collaborations with local and regional partners to increase student opportunities.Cover of the UHSP 2021-23 strategic plan

Today, our newly completed three-year strategic plan will build on the momentum we have already accomplished and guide us as we take our next steps toward the future.

Mission, Vision, Aspiration


To educate and advance communities of discovery to foster a healthier society.


University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis will be a transformational leader in health education and research.


To create an environment where UHSP becomes the institution of choice for students, faculty and staff across a range of health care practices and fields. An improved culture will help the institution to drive the success and retention of all stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Discovery: Acquisition or development of knowledge, information, wisdom, insight, innovations or beliefs.
  • Diversity: Variations in characteristics, attributes, backgrounds, beliefs or abilities among individuals or groups of individuals.
  • Inclusion: Accepted and welcomed as a participant of or belonging to a larger group.
  • Integrity: Soundness of character, truthfulness and adherence to moral and ethical standards.
  • Respect: Esteem, admiration and regard for someone or something.
  • Service: Action of performing good and useful work for others.

Strategic Directions

Our strategic plan is a dynamic and living document that serves as the institution’s blueprint for action. These strategic directions outline the plan’s priorities and will guide our development and progress during the next three years.

Teaching and Learning

Facilitate a world-class education.
Professor collaborates with group of students

Discovery and Innovation

Demonstrate impactful research, scholarship, personal growth, and continuous improvement.
A student and faculty member work together on laboratory research

Student, Faculty and Staff Experience

Provide an enriching environment and opportunities for a meaningful experience for all.
Students pose and smile during event on the quad

Diverse Perspectives

Expand horizons to foster social awareness and cultural sensitivity.
Students and staff collaborate in the Multicultural Center

Community Engagement

Leadership, service and advocacy to build stronger communities.Students conduct community health screenings during a health fair on campus

Resources and Infrastructure

Grow resources, improve administrative processes and provide an optimal infrastructure to support our community.

 View of the campus quad from the west

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